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1. For your led surface mounted light, can you do with the hook one?

Yes, we can. We can add a hook at the top of the light. It should add extra cost of 1USD per unit.


2. I want order the color temperature is 4500k one color bin for Samsung G2 5630 chip, Can you do it?

The test result of the color temperature will be 4000-4500k. Please see if you can accept it.


3. For your products, if we want to buy black color, Can you do it?

Yes, we can. We can also do silver, brown color and so on. It should add extra cost of USD$1.5 per unit


4. For your RS series downlight, if we want to do 15W, Can you do it?

Yes, but you should pay 250USD for the opening PCB fee at the first time.


5. Can we use our own Sticker?

Yes, we can do it. please send your design to us.


6. Can we buy your products just with the housing?

Sorry, we just sell finished products.


7. why the test result of the wattage 48W is 50W?

 The wattage will be±5% fluctuate.


8. About your dimmable driver, can you change to different color temperature?

 No, we can just chang the brightness. If you really need to adjust the color temperature, we need to re-open the PCB plate.


9. About your RS series downglight what is the which wattage can replace the 70 w metal halide light?

 28W or 38W


10. what is the warranty of the downlight? If they can be 5 years?

3 years, if use meanwell driver, the warranty can be 5 years.


11. What ‘s the lead time of the sample and bulk order?

 In general, 3-5 days for samples. Over 1000pcs is about 25 days. If in busy reason, we need to check from our PMC to give you the delivery time.


12. What’s your trade term ?

 FOB or EXW.

13. What kind of products do you specialized in?

We mainly do led track light, downlight, spotlight, high bay light and tubes, ect.


14. What is the current for one piece Samsung G2 5630 chip?



15. What is the voltage for one piece Samsung G2 5630 chip?

3.2V ±0.2


16. What is the chip brand in your factory?

SMD: samsung COB:CREE  if you need other brand led chip like epistar, bridgelux, citizen and sharp, we also can do. But samsung and cree is our first class agent, so the cost performance is high.


17. I would like to know if YH-CE03PTM-C08W-80 can be dimmable and also can it be IP65?

Can you tell me what kinds of dimmable you want, we can do 0-10v dimmable, dali dimmable and triac dimmable. For this light, we only can make ip:22


18. I am looking for 195x195mm cut out LED square recessed ceiling light, I had a look your catalogue and found the biggest one is with 175x175mm cut out (FS195-30W). Could you help to confirm whether you can do it or not?

Yes, we can do it, which adds one frame on it to reach the cutout size 195*195mm. Similarly, if the products cutout size can’t meet your needs, we also can add one frame to meet your requirement.


19. Can you make CRI90 for the DZJ series, if yes, how about the delivery time?

Yes, we can do CRI90. But the delivery time and price will be different. For the delivery time, it will be need about 20days. The price of CRI>90 needs to add additional 2.5usd/pcs based on the price of CRI>80. But its MOQ is: 50pcs.


20. What the Isolation Class for your YS series Downlight?

Class II


21. What’s the output current and output voltage for RS-001-38W?

Ourput voltage: DC40-48V;  Output current: 700mA


22. May I know your products: MY-EX06M-C20W-80 with DALI dimmable, you can do it or not?

Sorry, because the dimmable driver is too big to put in the box. If you really need dimmable, there have two ways to do it. Find a bigger box to install the driver to meet your requirements, but the MOQ is 200pcs. The other way is make a hole in the ceiling to put the driver, so what do you think?


23. Your 60w round adjustable downlight can do IP44 or not?

Sorry, we can’t do it. Here, I would like to recommend the YS series to you.


24. May I know what kind of dimmable can you make?

For the dimmable, we can do 0-10V/1-10V, Triac, Dali dimmable for your optional, may I know which one do you need?


25. Do you have the color rendering light dissipation for the YS-DL08M-S48W-80?

Yes, for this product we had got the LM-79 approval, which shows the color rendering light dissipation on the LM-79 test reports.


26. Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you have?and support what kind of payment account?

We’d like you to pay us by T/T and L/C. we support HSBC, PayPal and Western Union account.


27. Could you tell me what kind of currency you’ll accept?

RMB and US dollars


28. what’s your minimum order quantity?

Our MOQ(minimum order quantity)is 50pcs,if less than 50pcs,then we need increase unit price 3.5 dollars per unit..


29. where is your main market? And what relevant certifications do you have?

  We aimed at most of market in the world, like Australia, Europe, India, southeast Asia and so on. we have CE, RoHs, SAA, C-tick, TUV certification, some driver have got the UL and GS certification.


30.  can you introduce your company in brief?

Our company was established in may 2010, so far have five years of operating time. We mainly produces high-grade commercial lighting products and our concepts is: quality first, customer second and third employees. We are a young team, we have different vitality and passion. We can work for 24 hours to complete the customer’s work to make customer feel at ease. We have 8000 square meters, our company have seprate sample room, independent testing equipment. From the equipment can see we pay more attention to the quality of the products. So believe your choose, we will never let you down.


31.  Do your company provide OEM?

  Yes, definitely, we provide OEM and ODM.


32. how your company distribute QC job? And how to control the quality of products?

  Our QC divided into: IQC(Incoming quality control) ,IPQC(Input Process quality control),FQC(Final quality control) ,OQC(Outgoing quality control).so, from the raw materials to the finished products, we strictly follow these process to control the quality of our products and ensure the timely delivery.

33. what places do your products mainly used in?

Hotel, shopping mall, office, cafe, museum, and so on.


34. I hope my products wrapped by Offset printing carton, can you meet my needs?

  Yes, of course, but the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 2000pcs per lamp.if you can’t reach the MOQ,then you need pay Film fee 250 dollars per lamp.


35.  the COB track light can reach 100lm/w?

Yes, use the CREE lamp bead,some of them can reach the naked light efficiency 120lm/w .


36. I need some lamps used in the pork store. Have you ever produce this kind of lamp before?

  Yes, we can do it according to your requires. But this is not our general products, so the MOQ is 50pcs, please note it.


37. Why the lm and efficiency of grill light and the old track light are so low?

   Their light efficiency is around 60lm/w.compared with other lamps in the market, it is not low. we used them in the accent lighting occasion. We prefer to focus on the lighting effects; efficiency is not the only standards to evaluate the two lamps. they are small and exquisite,but we are proud of their high power.


38. I bought a 38lm/w rectangular adjustable downlight, after I tested it, why it show only 34lm/w?

There exist ±10% error between standard and reality. If you must need enough power, you can communication with us before order, we will adjust the power parameters to meet your requirements.


39.  whether the pp plastic wrap of spring clip will split ?

  The pp possess high plasticity and high heat resistance, the distortion temperature is 80-100 degree, melted temperature is 160~220 degree,


40. What’s the material of your driver box and the advantage?

The material of driver box is plastic and the advantage is anti-flaming


41. If your tubes can replace traditional electronic ballast tubes?

No, our tubes can only replace magnetic ballast. If you must need to replace traditional electronic ballast, we may develop it in the future.


42. Do you have track? I want to know if there have the solutions to hang on the track?

We don’t make track, but we can buy it from market. We have hang on installation solutions which can add two travellers to instalate it.


43. If you can sell only housing or exclude driver?

Sorry we only sell finished products, if you want buy only housing, we need to communication with our boss, and the MOQ is 1000pcs, hope you can understand.


44. Why your KD high bay light one with driver box and one without driver?

Hello, for this high bay light we have general version and developed version two choices.First, for this high bay light we use meanwell driver, the IP is 65, warranty is five years, it can use in outside. The driver box is use for anti-explosion, fire protection, usually use in gas station and dock. But it won’t effective the function of anti-water even without the driver box.


45. For your LDI downlight, it can make fission type?

Hello, we can make it separately. For this light, we have separation and conventional two choices, is depending on customer’s demand. But some power we can do split type, the reason is that the driver is so big to put in the box. If you must need integration, we need to re-open the power box module, the fee is about 15000 RMB, but i don’t suggest you do it if your quantity is not so big.


46. For your YS series downlight COB, what if i want frosted galss?

Yes, we have it.


47. For your rectangular adjustable downlight and round adjustable downlight, if there have other glass?

Yes, we generally have woven glass, transparency glass and frosted glass for choices


48. For your DZJ track light, it can make surface?

Yes, and we can make pump style with a drawbar, but the price is different


49.Last year,we have brought 100pcs of led downlight CFS-001-38W from your company ,but for now two pcs of light can't working ,beacuse the light is till in warranty , please arrange thereplace to me.

We are very sorry to bring you trouble. It is no problem to change the light to you.But could you please help me to provide pictures of the two sets of light a to me so that we can determine which division of light is appear problem, In order to avoid the same problem to happen again? After we judge the cause of the problem,then we will provide replacement product to you immediately.Thanks a lot!