LED Battens and Linear Light

Your Best LED Linear Lighting Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Being a leading LED linear lighting manufacturer in China, we can manufacture all kinds of simple and fashion LED linear lights according to your requirements. We provide straight connector I, connector T, connector L, connector X and connector V, ect, which will create sleek and elegant linear LED lighting to exceed your customers’ expectation.

  • BT-001 Ceiling Linear Light
  • OBS-S01013 Recessed Linear Light
  • OBS-S01003 Recessed Linear Light
  • LINE-B-SL1204M Linear Light
  • LINE-A-SL1204M Linear Pendant Light
  • LINE-SL1205M Linear Pendant Light
  • adjustable led Linear Light OBS-205X-206X
  • LED Linear Light OBS-179
  • ceiling track light OBS-026
  • LED Shelves Light TR1208M