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Zhongshan lighting shines all over the world


On April 12, the Overseas Chinese Promote High-Quality Development Exchange Conference (Zhongshan) and the Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair "Zhongshan Smart Lighting Pavilion" officially opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Pang Guomei, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Lu Feng, deputy director of the Economic Department of the Hong Kong Liaison Office, leaders of Zhongshan City Ye Hongguang, Liu Meixin, Feng Jinyi, and representatives of overseas Chinese attended the opening ceremony.


Since its inception in 1999, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has become the largest industry exhibition in Asia after more than 20 years of development. The "Zhongshan Smart Lighting Pavilion" was jointly built by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The government and enterprises invested a total of about 1.5 million yuan, with a building area of 414 square meters. It was the largest overseas construction in Zhongshan's history. With various characteristics such as technology, intelligence, and Zhongshan humanities, it aims to create a smart lighting exhibition hall full of innovation, technology and sustainable development concepts, attracting many domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate and purchase.


Canadian businessman: "We are here to purchase lighting power supplies and architectural lighting. I have also been to Zhongshan Lighting Fair a few years ago. After participating in this exhibition, I saw that Zhongshan's lighting products have great improvements in design, function and quality. progress and improvement."


Spanish merchant: "We are looking for new high-quality lighting suppliers. Zhongshan's lighting industry brand is very well-known in the world. This time I came to see Zhongshan's lighting products. They are very advantageous in terms of quality, appearance, and price. Next week We will also visit Zhongshan to seek more opportunities to cooperate with Zhongshan enterprises."


Some Zhongshan exhibitors said that they had made full preparations for participating in the exhibition, so they "grabbed" an order worth US$3 million in less than half a day after the exhibition started.


Vivian Wu, an exhibitor from Zhongshan Obals Lighting: "We have done a lot of work in the early stage of design, exhibition arrangement, and product distribution, including inviting customers. Many foreigners will value it very much. Your product professionalism and quality, I believe our Zhongshan lighting is also the same. It will be sold all over the world and will be recognized by many export customers.”


It is understood that a total of 33 Zhongshan lighting companies have settled in the Zhongshan Smart Lighting Pavilion this time. Grab the order.


Huang Shihang, Director of the Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce: "The Zhongshan Smart Lighting Pavilion is mainly at the exhibition to promote the industrial brand of Zhongshan Lighting and Lighting. At the same time, it can also attract more buyers to the booth of our Zhongshan enterprises. We also hope that our Zhongshan enterprises , I can gain a lot from this international light show.”