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How to do Covid-19 prevention during the outbreak?


    How to do Covid-19 prevention during the outbreak?

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       Recently, Covid-19 is spreading very rapidly all over the world, and the epidemic situation is getting more and more serious, especially in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Iran and America, etc. Below is the latest data of epidemic abroad.

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Epidemic Abroad

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       In the past months, China has suffered from Covid-19. Under the call and supervision of the China government, Chinese people working together, the virus situation has finally been controlled well gradually.

       Therefore, here OBALS would like to share with you the experience of how Chinese people did epidemic prevention during the outbreak of Covid-19.


1. Main symptoms of the epidemic:

       Covid-19 infection is usually based on current 3~7 epidemiological survey. The incubation period is usually less than 14 days. The initial symptoms of most patients are similar with those caused by the common viral infection. They show fatigue and muscle soreness. With the development of the disease, the patient will develop symptoms of fever, which usually reach 37.3 degrees Celsius. May be accompanied by respiratory related symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, etc.


2. Daily gadgets prepared in advance:

       1) Medical masks - 2-3pcs / people / day (KN95 is better)

       2) Disinfectant

       3) Alcohol sterilized tissue

       4) Electronic thermometer

       5) Eye protection glasses

       6) Some commonly used drugs for fever and cold


3. If there is somebody nearby infected with this virus, please take special care:

       1) Whether it’s you or your family, please follow the instructions of the government to stop all parties, dinners and gathering activities; stay at home with your family

       2) Wear masks every day when you go out

       3) Wash hands and change clothes frequently


4. To fight against the virus, we need to improve our immunity:

       1) Don't stay up late, get enough sleep for more than 7 hours every day

       2) Take a hot bath frequently (water temperature above 45 ℃)

       3) Enhance physical exercise

       4) Supplement foods rich in vitamin D

       5) Protein supplement

       6) More sun exposure


       OBALS sincerely wish you a good health, and hope your country recover soon no matter which country you come from. We believe that the virus will be defeated eventually as long as people work together!

       Come on! Our friends! We are together!