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What is LED Downlight?


LED downlights are products developed on the basis of traditional downlights with new LED light sources. Compared with traditional downlights, LED downlight has the following advantages: energy saving, long life, good color rendering, low carbon, fast response speed. LED down light is a kind of fixed direction light-emitting lighting fixture. Install downlights you can chooce recessed or surface mounted. LED downlight has the properties of directional lighting, and only its opposite can receive light.

The beam angle of downlights is divided into two types: spotlight and floodlight: The light of LED downlight of spotlight is more concentrated. The contrast between light and dark is strong. The illuminated object is more prominent. The illuminance is higher. The light of LED downlight of flood light is more scattered. The light can be evenly distributed to every corner, so that there is no dark area in the entire space.

According to the installation method, downlights can be divided into LED downlight recessed, surface mount can light. According to the shape, LED downlights can be divided into round LED downlights and square LED downlights.

LED downlightsLED downlights

LED downlights