The design choice for the lighting solution adopted was mainly based on the careful selection of the IOS optics for the LED LUCE LL1-2 system with a coherent and flexible distribution of luminaires in the new store layout. The power and the intensity of the luminous flux in the lighting design system have been adjusted to suit the architectural skin, the colours of the finishes and the colours of masonry, floor and wall coverings and products to optimise reflectivity and contrast between the items displayed and their setting. By slightly lowering the average lighting level in the circulation areas and concentrating the very narrow / narrow / medium light beams on the gondola display units, shelving and display areas in general, a perfect contrast has been maintained, making it possible for the design solution to acquire a particularly elegant effect with significant energy savings. The quality of the luminous effect and the colour rendering has been achieved thanks to the very high efficiency of the optics (LOR 89% with narrow beams) along with the excellent colour rendering of the Reggiani LED LUCE system (CRI>90).

UNISIO 4x16W (fixed recessed luminaire with four-compartment Dark Light reflector) - UNISIO 4x16W (fixed recessed luminaire with four-compartment Dark Light reflector) in combination with LADDER installed on the side walls - LL2 system, providing variable light beam widths - linear LADDER with six light points and FIVE SPOT with six light points - LADDER with six light points - FIVE SPOT with five light points - track mounted VARIOS projector with LL2 system - square MOSAICO, one-lamp recessed luminaire with adjustable optics.