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LED Track Light

Dimmable FM track light

Wholesale Color Changing Spotlight Lighting Adjustable Lights Rail Shop Dali Dimmable 30w 35w 40w 50w Led Track Light

1. The lamp has a built-in dimming and color temperature switch. Three kinds of brightness and color temperature can be adjusted by pulling the switch, which greatly reduces the inventory pressure.

2. Self-developed four-wire three-loop drive integrated guide rail head, which can be used with almost all four-wire guide rails on the market. It has passed the certification test, quality assurance, high efficiency, high PF, no stroboscopic, and other brands can also be selected. Two-line, three-line, four-line, six-line drive integrated guide rail head.

3. The lamp beads use Purui chip, high CRI and high brightness, CRI is greater than 90, brightness is greater than 100lm/w, better color rendering effect, more energy saving and environmental protection.

4. Anti-glare, the glare value is less than 19.

5. High-quality light, using brand optical lens, uniform light spot and high illumination.

6. Three specifications are available, 20W, 30W and 40W.

7. Aluminum alloy integrated lamp body radiator, air convection design, low temperature and long life.

8. The surface powder is not sprayed, the surface is fine, black and white are optional.

  • Overview
LED Current500mA750mA950mA
LED ChipBridgelux
Beam Angle26°/ 36°/55°
Adjustable Angle90° Vertical Rotation + 350° Horizontal Rotation
Finishing ColorWhite/Black


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