OBALS Adjustable Downlight LED RS-001 SMD

RS-001 SMD

LED Downlight

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OBALS is a pioneer when designing LED luminaires, the strength and talent of our developers is reflected in our products, like the RS-001-SMD. Your establishment can now enjoy incredible optic mobility, quality materials and, above all, the efficient, high quality light that RS-001-SMD has to offer. The high quality heatsink and driver complete this perfect product.

Light it your way

The light can rotate 350°in horizontal direction , 60°in vertical direction for your optional.


20W - 2050lm,2200lm,2150lm
28W - 2900lm,3050lm,3000lm
38W - 3700lm,3800lm,3750lm

All models are available in these finishing colors: Black, White, and Silver.

Available Color Temperature

●High quality transparent tempered glass, light transmittance over 95% , safe , glare-resistant and shatter-resistant.
●Professional secondary light distribution design with higher luminous efficiency.
●Driver box adopts plug-in design and split type design,making dismantlement and maintenance convenient.
●Adopting spindle which is specifically designed for the phone and computer,with high hardness and durability ensuring stability and power equality.

High Quality LED chip



Tech Specs


  • RS-001 SMD

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