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Lighting industry experienced designer

OBALS Lighting is a company that has specialized in the research, development, manufacture and sale of retail LED Lighting. We started our journey in 2010, basing ourselves in Zhongshan; ‘’The Lighting Capital of China’’ and thanks to our hard work and professionalism, we have experienced rapid growth and have become one of the most competitive companies in Zhongshan.

We are currently in possession of our own factory, which covers a production area of almost 20.000 m², our own factory and brand of drivers, a large-scale manufacturing plant for lighting accessories (mostly focused on acrylic screens) and a metal stamping factory, all of which undergo rigorous production processes and exhaustive quality controls.


Our Vision

To help protect the environment through our revolutionary lighting systems and ensure long-term economic sustainability for businesses, communities, and governments around the globe.

Our Mission

We strive to become the Premier Global Developer of Energy-Saving Lighting Solutions.


Our Advantage - Cost Leadership


Here at OBALS Lighting, we have our own independent R+D Department (Research and Development) and have employed lighting professionals with both talent and experience in the field of optics, electronics, structure and thermology, both in our facilities and our international delegations.

We’ve been able to develop over 300 different designs for OBALS products, introducing improvements in lighting, light sources, electrical devices and other components, with the objective of providing adequate products that meet competitive LED-market requirements.

At OBALS, we incorporate the latest advancements in LED technology and are always pursuing our objective of designing and manufacturing high quality LED products that are available to the whole world.


We have invested 2 million RMBs into the construction of a new testing centre that conforms to CNAS regulations. We own the world-famous testing equipment brand; ‘Everfine’, with over 100 testing units. Thank to this, we are capable of undergoing over 100 strict tests on many different, finished products, assuring that high quality OBALS products are known around the globe.


With the goal of improving not just the development but also the way we use our LED technology, we have made it our objective to provide a comfortable and fast service for our clients. OBALS uses all possible resources to develop and grow our own brand.

After exhaustively analysing the current state of the LED market, we at OBALS are convinced that we have a golden opportunity before us, and because of this we’ve constructed our own warehouse in Europe: OBALS EU. The objectives of this project are very clear: to offer the best products, the best service and the best technical assistance. Of course, all these services are competitively priced so that we can earn our clients trust.

OBALS EU inherits a ‘to win is to multiply’ model and applies it to its services, guiding towards market requirements and setting goals in correlation with customer demands; sustainable innovation and fast responses. All of this is reflected in the delicate way we treat our products and the service we provide for our customers.

At OBALS EU we started a non-stop sales model, in which we remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! By providing a fast delivery to accommodate the supply and demand of different markets, we can work towards development and promoting future growth.

Customer Service

OBALS EU’s FULL 24h commitment:

  • Urgent delivery. Within 24 hours, OBALS EU products will be at the door of every European client.

  • Professional technical support 24 hours a day, with  the goal of tending to all questions one may have about our products. A  personalized and careful service for each client.

  • After-Sales Service. We provide quick responses regarding returns (24h) in order to satisfy each and every client.

Why choose OBALS EU?

By placing your trust in OBALS EU products, you will feel completely supported by a professional company during all negotiations and investments that take place, keeping away worries and making  OBALS EU one of your best associates.

OBALS lights every corner of the world.
OBALS EU insists on the search for maximum quality and strives to be an excellent manufacturer in the LED lighting industry, becoming a brand that’s known worldwide.

To choose quality and good service is to choose OBALS, the wisest decision.

See how our customers satisfy with provided services that helps us create more prominent ideas!


u-1.jpg    DavidUnited Sate

excellent quality. came exactly like picture. curls or straightens really nicely with my straightener. And stays on my head very well i am in love with this wig!

u-2.jpg    Robert GreenAustralia

LOOOOVE IT! Way better than I thought... Um it is short VERY short but that was expected

u-3.jpg    MariesavageUnited Sate

I ordered from this company for my project and I love their speedy delivery and amazing prices!

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