Hotel Project


Hotel Project

Texas, United States



Some Fusiou Restaurant Cafe & Bar———Mori Western Restaurant

All-wood decoration,simple and generous, especially suitable for having dinner withfriends, chatting, and enjoying a slow life.OBALS lighting design in the dining space notonly satisfies the customer's visual experience and aesthetic psychology, but also maximizesthe practical value and appreciation value of the dining space.


The interplay of light and shadow allows people to appreciate the aesthetic componentsof the space, inspires intimate dinner conversation, and brings the party to a perfectconclusion.OBALS lighting can be used to define zones, assign focused pools of light tospecific zones and thus creates focal points and clear destinations.


OBALS lighting allows users to function comfortably in restaurants. It complements blackoutceilings and put just the right focus on tablescapes no matter where the tables are positioned.Accent lighting can evoke emotion and add captivating atmosphere to intimatespaces,such as cocktail lounges, nightclubs, and dining areas.

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