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What is Track Light and How Does Track Lighting Works?


Track light is a kind of lamps used indoors, of course there are also outdoor track lights with a waterproof rating of IP65. Track lights can adjust the angle in all directions, and can move the lamps arbitrarily within the track range. So it is widely used in commercial lighting, display lighting, home lighting, museum lighting and exhibition lighting.

The drivers are built in the power supply box of the track light, and the power is supplied through the copper wire of the guide rail, so that the LED power supply works and provides current to the LED chips. This is the starting process of the track light work. If it is a 4-wire track light, there are 2 wirings that are the signal lines of the control system, which need to be connected to the track separately, so as to achieve the purpose of the intelligent system to control the track light.

 Track Lighting