Client: Student accommodation

Location: London

Date: 2012

New student accommodation has to be more than safe and clean. The brief for AB Rogers was to create an enhanced living environment, which would stand out in a competitive marketplace. In response we developed a micro-apartment – efficient to produce and delightful to live in. 

At SCAPE, a student residence in East London, the interior design studio had to create extremely desirable contemporary accommodation in very small spaces. Each room measures around 12.5m2, but has to allow for everything important to student life – study, sleep, socialising, storage, serenity. They looked at instances of limited space – submarines, yatchs, plane interiors – to work out the best solutions for restricted interiors. AB rogers chose tough materials, faced in soft domestic ones, and single bright colours to bring energy and style. Each room is an individual pod, made offsite in Poland, and inserted into the building as a finished unit. 

For the common parts, they looked to public buildings such as museums and galleries, and introduced a system of sliding partitioning that makes the spaces completely flexible in usage. Ambar by Reggiani Illuminazione – the pendant with metal halide light sources – was used in these areas. Suspension cable in varied lengths was used to adapt the lighting to the different ceiling heights and to the spaces to illuminate. The positioning of the fixtures creates pathways and socialising areas in the common parts, making it easier to locate them and encouraging their use. The design fits in perfectly with the building’s colours and energy.