OBALS LED Surface Mounted Downlight MY-EX SMD

MY-EX SMD Series

LED Downlight

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The evolution of LED lighting has led us to design products that are each time more powerful and efficient but also lighter and with improved heat dissipation.All of these advances and improvements meet at the same point: The Abalon.Its size will surprise you, but not as much as its incredibly low weight.


6W - 495lm,520lm,510lm
12W - 927lm,968lm,960lm
24W - 1854lm,1935lm,1920lm
36W - 2738lm,2850lm,2840lm

All models are available in this finishing color: White.

Available Color Temperature

●Superior heat emission structure with patened technology and power supply configuration, the light can work efficiently and safety.
●Optimized light distribution design solution can make the optical property more excellent. Pass on the value of illumination spiritually.
●Widely used in hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, office, museums and residental ligting and so on.

High Quality LED chip



Tech Specs

MY-EX SMD Series

  • MY-EX04M-S

  • MY-EX06M-S

  • MY-EX08M-S

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