OBALS LED Downlight BB-MZ Series

BB-MZ Series

LED Downlight

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DIY design, different lamp options for different applications.change some housing,it can be surface mounted and tracklight, save your stock and looks more comfortable.

Different kinds of frame

Different kinds of frame for your choice, we have wide design frame, slim design frame, square shape frame Module design, frame is changeable,it can be made trom 3inch to 10 Inch.


10W - 882lm,901lm,906lm
15W - 1316lm,1344lm,1346lm
20W - 1316lm,1344lm,1346lm
24W - 2150lm,2200lm,2130lm
30W - 2690lm,2675lm,2670lm
36W - 3220lm,3207lm,3200lm

All models are available in this finishing color: White.

Available Color Temperature

●Smart clip design, it is very convenient to change the module.
●Hermaphrodite connector design:driver is very convenience to change.
●Safety lifting rope design : prevent lamp drop out

Product solution

SMD: Samsung chip + Lifud Non-flciker, with 5 years warranty
COB: Philip chip + Lifud Non-flicker driver, with 5 years warranty

High Quality LED chip

LED Technology


Tech Specs


  • BB-MZ04M-CPD

  • BB-MZ04M-S

  • BB-MZ04M-SD

  • BB-MZ04M-CD


  • BB-MZ06M-CPD

  • BB-MZ06M-S

  • BB-MZ06M-SD

  • BB-MZ06M-CD

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