OBALS LED Back-lite Panel Light Series

Back-lite Panel Series

LED Panel Light

Use the alloy materials, with high precision stamping and one-time strertching process. The plate with high reflection matte material spraying can improve the luminus efficiency. Adopting precision painting technology on the surface to make the lamp high end with no scratch and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Material Specification

Made by 6063 pure aluminum and full-automatic laser welding process, to avoid light leakage and out of the shape.


10W: 600lm
15W: 900lm
20W: 2400lm
25W: 3000lm
30W: 3600lm
50W: 6000lm

The luminous efficiency can reach 120Lm/w, and the SDCM≤5, reaching the European standard.

Available Color Temperature: 4000K/5000K/6500K.

To avoid the light be yellow and out of shape, the diffuser plate used thick PS to make the light more uniform.

Product Details

High Quality LED chip

Sanan SMD LED Technology


Tech Specs

Back-lite Panel Light

  • OB-PL3030-S

  • OB-PL6030-S

  • OB-PL6060-S

  • OB-PL1230-S

  • OB-PL1260-S

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