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Swiveling LED Track Lights - Fixture Kit That Is Effective And Beautiful

Last Update: 06/14/2015 20:38

The light emitting diode, better known as LED, has over the years gained a lot of traction in lighting due to their brightness and energy savings qualities. Originally, the pricing for LED's was expensive in comparison to traditional lighting but as with everything where technology is involved, the prices have become very competitive. With more acceptance and widespread use, LED's as one would expect would be a part of interior designer's choice when recommending lighting fixtures. Swiveling LED track lights are a combination of both style and function that any home owner or business owner should consider. At Obals Lighting and Electric Co. LTD, we strive to offer the best options as we are a leading LED lighting manufacturer at the forefront of this technology. This offers us the best position to provide you with choices suited specifically to your needs. See our LED track light catalog and contact us today for more information.

See an example of one of our swivel LED track lights:

swivel led track lights

Whether it be for ambient lighting or focused in a way to feature something in particular, swiveling LED track lights are a versatile lighting fixture to achieve those goals. In the home, using track lighting is common nowadays for the kitchen or dining area as positioned properly, very unique lighting can be quite striking. Add the lighting possibilities that LED's also contribute and it's no wonder that professionals like to incorporate this lighting feature whenever possible.

When looking to purchase a track lighting fixture, consider again the full purpose of what you are doing. Have you accounted for the ideal placement? The swivel capability, while convenient, will not cover up an error in determining the right type of track lighting for the situation.

With track light kits such as the standard and monorail being the norm, the two circuit and cable track lighting kits all over their own advantages so understanding fully the end result one wants to achieve, should help mate the proper lighting kits with purpose. Throw in the variety of fixtures such as standard heads, pendants, ovals, and more always being introduced, one can see that the choices are endless.

If you are a creative type, the flexibility of a monorail track, will allow you to bend it to your liking. The lights would then suspend by "standoffs", and this is where the swivel function is most useful. Being able to make all these moving parts work, while still looking great does require the expertise of a professional. The beautiful part is the current available products allow even the most creatively challenged person to pull of some nice variations in lighting that in the past would've been difficult to do.

See why LED lighting is the choice of the future at this article at Wired.com.

Buying complete kits are the safest way to go since for example, not all track heads work well with varying fixtures. At Obals, we provide the complete LED light system so you can be confident your lights will work as described. Be sure to see our examples and request for more by reaching out to us.