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Rotatable Indoor High Brightness LED Downlight

Last Update: 08/21/2018 12:17

When researching more into options during your home remodel about lighting, LED downlights must be one of the top choices recommended by your interior designer. Even if you are doing the renovation yourself, the local visit to the Home Depot, Lowe's or other large hardware store will have lighting displays with popular brands such as Cree showing off various LED downlight bulbs with prices that vary in range that might have you wondering which one's to choose. A rotatable LED downlight gives you the clean look of recessed lighting combined with the flexibility of track lighting that allows you to point the light to show off the best aspects of the intended room.

Typical LED downlight fixtures would include the standard recessed lights but wouldn't be complete without options of pendant lights, can lights and traditional surface mount lights. Sizes from 3 inch, 4", 6 inch LED downlights will accommodate most of the lighting requirements necessary for any home, office or commercial environment.

The housing and trim are what makes the styles you see very different. The housing is where the light is fixed, and with a rotatable LED down light, one can adjust the direction you want to point from in here. The trim will be what mostly determines the overall "feel" you are trying to achieve. With plastic options that can be painted to match any unique color or the typical white or beige that most ceilings are colored, metal and even chrome might be more to your suiting.

Focused Lighting

Adjustable LED Down Light

While the technology is great, it's the effect the light has on the room that is why you are even reading this. Swiveling LED track light is a great option to achieve a great lighting focus, especially when the design is appropriate for the room needing this feature. A rotatable LED downlight can also do the same thing, without interfering or distracting from the design esthetics of the room. Comparing the two is a personal choice as they do the same thing.

LED's while providing high brightness does have limitations. The depth required of the housing is a bit deeper than those of other types of lights so an expert would need to be involved to make the adjustments if you don't know how. Often referred to as an LED retrofit, speak to an electrician about it. Also, if a dimmable LED downlight is what you are looking for, be aware that at a certain point, the light will completely shut off. What this means is that if you are particularly looking for a dimming options you have finer control over, LED's might not be the option for you. Technology is constantly improving so even what is mentioned here may not be an issue in the near future. Always check our newest LED lighting options to see these improvements.

Remember, you choose LED lights for the illumination characteristics but also because of the energy savings and durability they offer. The fact that they also run cooler than compared to halogens and other lighting options make them very attractive for indoor applications. Yes, the investment in LED lights may be higher than other options but the above mentioned benefits should account for this. One must think of it as an investment. Not having to replace them for years or needing adjustments by a professional electrician should be reason enough to make it worthwhile. Prices are becoming more and more affordable for LED lights so soon they will be the standard. What are you waiting for?

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