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Top LED Light Manufacturers Provide Lighting Solutions

Last Update: 08/21/2018 15:53

Obals Lighting & Electric Co. Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of LED lights in the world. Our satisfied customers can attest to this and the information on our website about various LED products that we sell such as LED downlights, LED track lights, LED Panel lights, surface mounted lights, LED spot lights, LED high bay lights, LED tube lights and special LED bulbs should be confirmation enough about our capabilities as a direct OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) LED lighting factory. Refer to the various testimonials spread throughout our website to further reinforce this fact but we understand there may still be some doubt if you've never heard about us before. Watch this brief video about our company (which is also found on the homepage), which explains a bit more about our history.

As you can see, we're not only the leading LED light manufacturers in China (with already six Red Star Lamp award in China) but also around the world, with LED suppliers using our products in super malls and star hotels in at the moment 32 countries globally. If one examines the top LED company list in a LED manufacturers directory, Obals will be there.

So while it might sound like we're boasting, that is not our intention. We really want to help you, whether it is an outright purchase of products such as just LED bulbs or to fulfill a large order because you are an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) who needs to expand their production facilities, we can help. Make sure to contact us using the form found on our website or by clicking the contact us button below.

What Are The Benefits Of Using LED Lights?

LED Light Manufacturer

A LED (Light Emitting Diode) has plenty of advantages over traditional lighting options. One of the primary ones that is promoted is the fact that they run on lower electricity, thus reducing energy bills for homeowner's and businesses alike.

While that is a huge factor, the lack of ultraviolet and infrared radiation is a plus, especially for those using the lights for specific reasons that need a more controlled light setting such as for those required for growing organic plants as an example.

Add the fact that most modern LED lights can directly replace traditional lighting such as fluorescent or halogen without any alterations and the significant increase in lamp life common with quality LED lighting, it probably is obvious why the advantages of LED lights over other ones is quite well known.

Now, while other factories may be content with just using standard designs, we at Obals do our best to expand on the leading technology and create new designs which we test frequently for viability in the real world. The full use of 3D technology allows us to properly check this with a high success rate so working with us puts you in a position to express your vision with the confidence in knowing it can actually be achieved.

Specifics about all the details of LED's such as luminous efficacy, particular lumens per watt, as well as various certifications each light we produce has passed can be found in our product catalog. Again, if you have any direct questions you need answered, we are right here to assist you as a leading LED manufacturer. Please contact us today for more information. Wholesale LED light inquiries are welcomed.