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Ultra-Efficient Lighting [Efficiency Graph]

Compared to conventional technologies, OBALS LED Lighting products can deliver the same amount of light using as little as 10 to 15% of the power.  This huge reduction in energy consumption can enable consumers to save hundreds of dollars over the life of each light.

The Value of Cree LED Lighting

A OBALS LED Lighting product, like the LR6TM downlight, can replace a 65 watt light while using only 10.5 watts.  In its 50,000 hour lifetime it will consume about 525 kilowatt-hours, costing about $63.  During that time, it will never need to be replaced.

The Cost of Incandescent Lamps

A typical 65 watt light lasts for 2,000 hours.  To match the light output and longevity of a OBALS LED Lighting downlight, traditional lighting would consume 3,250 kilowatt-hours, and need to be replaced about 25 times, costing over $465.  

It's a simple story...saving over $400 in electric and relamping costs, for every downlight you replace.